Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Moses Meets His Match

Joy of him finally being matched...Hope for a good life together...Sadness of never seeing him again...Wonderment of the pup who was so fiesty actually leading a blind person safely...It's difficult for me to put into words the mix of emotions I am experiencing this morning as I think about the meeting I had with Eric, the man that Moses will guide for the next several years.

Moses has been in training since December of 2005. When I dropped him off at Leader Dog, he still looked like a lanky puppy with the goofy face. Last night, before me was the serious face of a grown up dog. He leaped and pawed at me, giving me a little consolation that he, too, remembered our year together.

A couple answers to prayer...Eric loves dogs. That was my hope that Moses would guide someone that would also desire his companionship as well as his work. Eric is a Christian also. I would raise a pup for anyone, ofcourse. But how delightful to hear that Moses will be attending church! In Eric's words, "I got me a holy dog!"

The meeting brought the experience of raising Moses full circle. So now is the time of truly letting go...of finishing the scrapbook...of letting go of hope (and dread!) of him not making the cut...of filing him under "Dogs I have loved."


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