Monday, August 28, 2006

Book Review - The Barbarian Way

Think a moment about the cross…what happened the months, weeks and days leading to the moment when Jesus hung by His hands, taking His last breath? What do you think carried Him to that moment?

Love, Compassion, Conviction, Sacrifice – Radical living because of the Hope set before Him!

But is this what our church looks like today – untamed faith that settles for nothing less than capturing the heart of the Lord and Savior? Unfortunately, we, the church, have become downright civilized, domesticated, religious and ordered. We have fallen from our First Love.

These are not the days to bemoan the powerlessness pervasive in our pews! No, it’s time to rise and acknowledge the awesome inheritance we have, the powerful position we have in Christ and the Kingdom of which we are citizens!

Erwin Raphael McManus, in his latest book, The Barbarian Way, does a fabulous job of pointing God’s people back to the path of radical discipleship that Jesus’ first-called exhibited. He challenges all followers to leave the civilized life of safe Christianity and to take up the cross with Jesus the barbarian way – choosing passion over lukewarm religious practices.

The Barbarian Way may offend some Christians who think they have all the answers, or are satisfied with their "fire insurance." This book is not for them. Instead, this book is for the adventurer at heart, who fell madly in love with Jesus, picked up their cross without hesitation to follow Him, but somehow got “tamed” along the way. If you’re longing for your First Love and the life of adventure, McManus’ The Barbarian Way is sure to spark your faith.

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At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm new to this site; you might say I'm just passing through. Your review caught my attention and am thinking of getting a copy but would like to see a sample of what to expect as I am in a part of the planet where the bookstores do not carry this particular genre. That said, would you mind posting an excerpt from the book or a link to it?
Thank you and hope to read more of your postings!


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