Wednesday, August 30, 2006

35 never felt so fast!

This is Mike, my son. We kid a lot, and he lets me use him in many illustrations (see previous blog posts), because he tells people our stories as well.

So, my Mike story for the day :) I picked him up from the movies last night - 9:30ish - and let him drive home to get some night driving experience. First let me say, that whoever thought letting 16 year old boys drive was a good idea was probably well advanced in years and didn't remember their own child being 16. This has been an interesting experience for me as a parent, one I have yet to grow used to.

We took all surface streets as opposed to the expressways, thinking that a safer option. Besides, I knew he couldn't go faster than 35 - surely my heart could take that! Thirty-five mph never felt so fast - it's dark, I'm tired, there's more traffic than I have ever seen!

But in all honesty, Mike did great his first stint at night. Bless his heart!


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