Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Want More?

Want More?

The worst part about my favorite indulgence is getting halfway through the buffet line, spotting my favorite fried Chinese delicacies and realizing my plate is already full. Thankfully, most buffets are all-you-can-eat, so I can return to fill yet another empty plate. God’s methods of dishing out blessings are not much different. He is an all-you-can-eat God, willing and able to dish out His blessings in abundance to those coming to Him with an empty plate. The problem is, however, that so many of us have become complacent in today’s church culture, content to receive plate after plate of the Word every Sunday, pushing ourselves back from the pew, satisfied that we’ve been well fed that day.

Moreover, we return Sunday after Sunday to receive more spiritual food with our plates still full from last week! Eventually, our once satisfied bellies begin murmuring that we just aren’t getting fed like we used to. Of course not, you cannot feed a full belly, and in our full bellies breeds discontentment.

However, Jesus has the answer to our spiritual discontent no matter where He has planted us. Do you want more of the abundant life He promised? Then give away what you have already received. When he sent out His disciples, those to whom He hand fed, Jesus instructed them to give away the same ministry to others that they had already witnessed Jesus doing: Freely you have received, freely give (Matthew 10:8).

We need not be concerned with how much we think we have received from God, but instead need to learn to give some away.. Have any received physical healing? Lay hands on and pray diligently for others who need physical healing. Have any been set free from an addition? Pray fervently with and for others who are bound by the same. Have any been blessed with an abundance of material blessing? Give some away – over and above a tithe.

God desires to give more abundantly to those who have made room on their plates for more of Him. However, so many of us have not taken the time to empty our plates in the form of giving away what God has given us in ministry to others. Perhaps we are worried that if we give it all away, we will be left with nothing. Perhaps we simply are lazy, busy, self-absorbed. The bottom line is that if we don’t empty our plates, we cannot expect to come to God to receive more. Only those who learn to freely give away what they have already received truly will come to know the bounty of blessings in Christ Jesus, and a well-satisfied soul.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Finding the Summer Groove

One of the greatest challenges of writing for me is when I reach that point of too much time has past and too much has happened, and it seems impossible to catch up with it. Talking to other writers I find that I am not alone in regards to facing these dry writing times. Certainly there is no lack of things to write about, but rather there is no juice with which to write. So, the difficult task is to begin again, and again, and again....

Where do the days go? Since Mike has gotten off of school - nearly a month ago - I have yet to find a summer schedule. In addition to summer chauffeuring, we (well, mostly I) are the proud raisers of our second puppy for Leader Dogs for the blind. Her name is Bella, and is another black lab. Her blog is also needs updates :) Bella is much, much mellower than our previous pup, Moses (who, by the way is still successfully completing his training at LD), but has been beset with various health issues. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on the perspective, those issues resulted in some pretty strong and quick bonding between Bella and me.

Mike got his driver's permit a few weeks ago, and even "helped" drive some of the way to Minnesota on our recent trip before the 4th. I would attach a picture of him behind the wheel, but I've been too busy clutching my heart, covering my eyes and holding my breath to even think about holding a camera. Who ever thought teaching a 15 year old boy to drive was a good idea must have been slightly nuts himelf.